Create your new you

strong, healthy and superfit


Create your new you

strong, healthy and superfit

Focus on peak health as it is the foundation of being strong and superfit.
— Nicole Bohlmann

Have you got an image of you being strong, healthy and superfit? You without a potbelly and without any brain fog? You with some extra drive and endless vital energy? No? So it's about time. Or how long do you want to wait for YOUR time to come? 10 more years? 20 years? And how will you feel then and how will your body look, if you haven't changed direction? 

And now imagine who you are after you transformed your body. After you created your new YOU, your new body. Who are you? Which areas of life will transform too after you've developed a new sense and connection to your body? How will your life be? 

Enjoy your dreaming! :-) 

And by the way: You're not alone. There have been lots of people who logged their bodily Transformation by camera and the internet is full of their before- and after-photos and -stories. And what they all have in common: They made the decision to change and felt empowered by their transformation. 

I'll support you in figuring out what you really want. What are YOUR aims? And I will guide you on your way. You'll get essential know-how for your transformation and we'll develop a lifestyle-programm, which perfectly fits YOUR needs to make you reach your aim - with lots of ease and tons of enthusiasm for YOUR DREAM! 


Your Coach

Your Coach

"The body of my dreams? Well, others have got it but not me." - "I have always been a bit on the plump side." - "I don't really know myself with a clear complexion and a bootylicious butt." - "I can't remember waking up painless". Such and similar phrases motivate me to support people finding out what and especially WHO they can be. 

I decided to share my knowledge on nutrition, sports and fitness, relaxation, stress management, sleep and motivation while working as a teacher at a German Grammar School and as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at our local CrossFit affiliate. 

Being a teacher has always been my vocation. Breaking down complex phenomenons into digestible pieces, combining learning and having fun, setting goals in order to make success possible, motivating and laughing with the kids and teens has always been what made my day. And all of that I can experience being a coach and trainer, too. Here I am 1 on 1 with my coachee, give workshops for small groups and seminars for groups of 10 up to 25 participants at the barefootway academy. And the best is: I only teach what's of real relevance to coachees' lives and this is one reason, why each of my coachees reaches HIS or HER personal goal. 

My sources of strength are my family, my friends, my students, nature and sports. I love CrossFit, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, hearty laughs with my friends and especially the quality time with my husband and our little daughter. 

In case you have got any questions, feel free to contact me, for example, via email. I promise I'll get in touch with you. You are meant to have a good-feeling physical body and I am willing to guide you on your way to it. 

What you get

What you get

Personal coaching, training and advising

You know a lot about nutrition, sports, sleep, relaxation, stress management and motivation; anyway, you haven't completely reached your aim "dream body" yet? You want to really understand how YOU can reach your goal in an easy and healthy manner, without committing yourself, for example, to a 12-weeks-program? Maybe you are already member of a fitness club oder CrossFit box and you don't feel any need to get one of my programmings but you feel there's more to speed up your transformation. 

Depending on your personal preference you can book different aspects. However, a 90-minute personal coaching session is required before any further training or advising can take place as I need to know you and your personal aims. And, moreover, YOU need to know YOUR aims before any transformation can take place. Now it might be the right time for an effective personal training and some target-oriented advising. 

Your personal 12-week-transformation-program 

A personal coaching and a personal training session lay the foundation for YOUR personal 12-week-transformation-program. First you'll get a clear vision of your future you. Who do you want to be after these 12 weeks? How do you want to feel? How do you want to look like? If there have been any obstacles, we'll get them out of the way. And then, after a test of your level of fitness, I'll create your individual lifestyle programming. And as you will be transforming your programming will change, too, within these 12 weeks. Your programming will not only center around nutrition and sports (in its various forms) but on your sleeping habits, relaxation and motivational strategies as well in order to make you really transform. Now and forever! Healthy and sustainable!

The body/buddy-transformation-workshop (3-5 participants) 

You want to your friends, colleagues or family to join you on your journey? Go for it. Together you are really stronger - especially while transforming. You will change and your loved ones with you. What power! 

You are 3 to 5 people and you book me for a workshop. I come to you and we spend 2 days together; 2 days in which you get a much deeper understanding of your body and what it really needs, how it works, how you set goals and how you reach them. You'll know what personal motivation strategies to use in order to transform fast and smooth. We will cook together, we might even go grocery shopping if necessary, we do sports together, we meditate, we learn and understand. 

After 2 days the corner stones for your transformation are yours. Each one of you will know the next steps on the way to HIS or HER dream body. And it will feel great having buddies around supporting one another. 

The seminars 

Do you want to launch your transformation together with a bunch of like-minded people? Then come to one of ours seminars at the barefootway academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany. My husband Ralf and me, we give there different seminars centering around body management. As the academy is located in Germany, our seminars are held in German. However, if a group of 10 to 30 people is interested in our seminars, we can, of course, hold them in English and at another location, too. 

In case you want to find out more about the barefootway academy and its ideas you can go to As this site is in German the information given there might not be very helpful to you. Therefore, if you have got any questions or ideas, please feel free to write me an email. I'll promise to get in touch with you.